The last thing you want to find in your home or have customer or office visitor find in your store or office is a rodent crawling across the floor or a large bug working its way up the wall. However, in our corner of the United States, ants, wasps, flies, mice and woodland creatures are a fact of life, just not one we like to think much about.

Simply because rodents and bugs exist in Pennsylvania doesn’t mean that you have to share your living or office space with them. A good exterminator can keep rodents and insects from setting up housekeeping in your home without your having to worry about your family’s or your office staff’s health and safety.

What to consider when hiring a pest control company in Allentown:

Not all pest control companies are alike. Before you choose the first company you find, take a minute to consider the following points:

  1. Effectiveness. Keeping bugs, mice and other critters away from your property for as long as possible should be the aim of every good pest control company.
  2. Safety. Another important consideration when hiring a pest control company is the safety of the treatment to your family, pets, office staff and/or visitors. At SEE Pest Control, we only use pest control treatments for insects and rodents that meet all of the public health and EPA regulations for homes and commercial buildings.
  3. Scheduling. We understand that you need a pest control company that will work with your schedule, so you don’t have to take time off of work to meet the technician at your home. If you own a business, you obviously don’t want the pest control crew arriving in the middle of your busiest sales time. At SEE Pest Control, we cheerfully work with you to find the time that offers the least interruption to your busy life and your business.
  4. Range of services. We think that one call should take care of all of your pest control needs. That’s why we offer a broad range of services, including spider control, ant control, termite treatment, wasp control, bed bug treatment, and mouse control to list a few.

To learn more about keeping your home or commercial building free from ants, rodents, wildlife and other pests, contact SEE Pest Control today by phone at 610-287-9804; text us at 215-392-6871 or complete the contact form. We’ve been helping residents and business owners in Allentown

Acrobat Ant

Illustration of an Acrobat Ant

Big Headed Ant

Illustration of a Big Headed Ant

Carpenter Ant

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Citronella Ant

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Little Black Ant

Illustration of a Little Black Ant

Odorous House Ant

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with their pest control needs since 2004.