Has the itsy-bitsy spider come up your water spout and into your bathroom — and was it maybe not so itsy-bitsy after all? Is your cat far too interested in what’s underneath the stove? Have you discovered moths in your closet? Did termite swarming season hit your home with a vengeance this year? If you have pests in your home or property, SEE Pest and Lawn Solutions is your Reading pest control expert, standing by to get rid of what’s bugging you.

We know what you’re concerned about when you bring in an exterminator. You have kids, you have pets, and you’re right to be concerned. You know what? At SEE Pest and Lawn Solutions, we have kids and pets, too. We don’t use any pesticide or product in your home or business that we won’t use in our own. And we’ll explain everything we’re doing ahead of time to make sure you’re comfortable about safety and effectiveness.

In Reading, we can take care of any kinds of pest problems you’re facing. If you have ants in your pantry, we’ll get rid of them. Mice, rats or even bats? We know how to target them. If there’s a wasp or hornet nest lurking near your front porch, we’ll stop all that buzzing. Ticks in the grass? Centipedes on the walls or silverfish in your books? Mosquitoes biting out beside the pool? We have 40 years of combined experience with all these pests. We can even remove and relocate honey bees with no harm to you or to the bees, relocating them safely so we both can do our part for the environment.

As your exterminator in Reading, we provide full service inside and outdoors. We’ll get rid of those beetles that are damaging your trees, the snails eating your geraniums, and the voles digging holes in your beautiful lawn. And speaking of your lawn: We provide lawn care as well. We can take care of your seasonal fertilizing as well as the weed control and yard pest control you need, and we always use products that are safe for when your children and pets are playing outside.

At SEE Pest and Lawn Solutions, we are passionate about pest control and lawn care, and we are passionate about our customers. If you need us, you can reach us. That’s right, 24/7. We make ourselves accessible by phone (610-287-9804), text (215-392-6871) and our Contact Us form, and we pride ourselves on great communications. We’ll answer all your questions, and make sure you understand exactly what we’re doing and why.

Our mission at SEE Pest and Lawn Solutions is to protect you, your family, your home, and your business from pests. We never tack on surprise charges, and we always show up when we say we’re going to show up. We get rid of pests without excessive return visits that only pad the bill. We do what we promise to do, period. If you’ve had bad experiences with exterminators in the past, call us for all your Reading pest control today. Call us today at 610-287-9804, text us at 215-392-6871 or complete our Contact Us form.

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