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Say goodbye to pests before they give your commercial facility the kiss of death. Critters, once they get inside, are hard to get out. They love the warmth coming off of the commercial machinery or electronic equipment inside your facility and the dark corners of the warehouse are great for making a home and spawning offspring. Especially during the cold months in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, pests are looking for a place to crash for the winter. Don’t let it be your commercial building!

Left unchecked, an infestation could be growing without you knowing it and creating contamination among your raw materials, ingredients or products. Depending on what industry you are in, the loss could be in the millions.

Pests are preventable when you have a effective pest management team on call, like the good people we have here at See Pest Control.

What happens during a commercial pest control visit?

See Pest Control technicians take into account several factors to determine the best course of action with your commercial building and its unwanted tenants.

1. A thorough inspection of the entire facility where the technician takes inventory of all the vulnerable areas of the commercial property.

2. An inspection of the surrounding property.

3. Whether or not the pest infestation is a new problem and, if not, what has been done in the past to control pests.

4. Electronic data collection using a device to record information about each infestation or entry site, as well as general information about the pests and facility.

5. Your facility’s audit standards and criteria.

6. Your integrated pest management plan will be created, as well as a firm quote for our services.

7. A report is generated after each service visit to list all of the monitoring devices that were used, the methods employed, and what the current status is on pest sightings. This is how we help determine our course of action for the next time we visit the facility.

Most commercial pest problems are not solved in a single visit, rather they take a couple visits where you, the property owner, should See incremental improvements each time until the critters have been eradicated.

Want to witness the difference See Pest Control makes? Call us toll-free at 888-287-9805.

See the difference in our commercial pest control services

Each See Pest Control pest control technician is a keen observer, but it’s the tools they use that set our team apart from the rest. Each one:

* Is a licensed pest management service technician

* Is a Quality Pro-approved staff member

* Is a National Pest Management Association member

* Is a Pennsylvania Pest Management Association member

* Follows food and safety pest management protocol

* Follows school and safety pest management protocol

We use only products that are tested to be safe for the three things we care about most—people, pets, and the planet. Our treatments are both targeted and prescriptive and backed by a crew that has 40 years of combined pest control experience.

Our worry-free service means that you always get what you expect from us, from convenient scheduling to uniformed techs who always show up on time.

We make it easy to reach us by phone, email, and text. So, what are you waiting for? Make your appointment with See Pest Control today and enjoy your pest-free days to come.

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