No one likes a pest – whether it’s cockroaches scurrying through an empty classroom, or mice hiding in the hallway walls, keeping the pests out of your school or university is an absolute must. Unfortunately, in any school or university, there are a lot of things that will attract pests. Leftover food in the cafeteria can be a draw for ants mice and flies, and if a single student ends up with bed bugs, it can spread throughout an entire dormitory seemingly overnight. This is why pest control in schools is so important.

The Difference in University Pests

Pest management in schools is imperative because of how quickly pests can spread if they’re allowed to gain a foothold. A school or a university also faces very different challenges when it comes to dealing with pests – you can’t just shut things down and go on vacation for a few days while the place is treated. Instead, you have to be careful not to disrupt current activities. In schools with younger children, you also have to be careful to use pest control methods that are both safe and effective – so no one gets exposed to the treatment. We’re here to help you with the unique challenges presented by pest control in universities.

Pest Management in Schools

Rather than a one-size fits all approach to pest control in schools, we use targeted, prescriptive treatments to get the job done. This allows us to keep things safe for both people and pets. We’re constantly expanding our techniques to include industry-leading methods, and we use only the best equipment. Whether you’re dealing with mice, bedbugs, or any other kind of pest, we can help. We’ll explain the how, what, why, and where of our service – so you’ll know exactly what’s going to happen, and be able to act accordingly.

Our Approach to School Pest Control

With over 40 years of combined experience, our company offers proven, reliable, and affordable methods of school pest control. No matter what you need, we can find a service that fits your school’s budget. Our trained professional technicians will work around your staff’s schedule to ensure that the job gets done with minimal disruption to your school or university’s daily activities. Equally important, we offer prompt service – which means you can take care of particularly invasive pests such as stinging insects, bed bugs and rodents before they get out of hand and disrupt your institution.

If You’ve Got Pests, You Need Us

If your school or university is dealing with a pest problem, we are the solution. Give us a call at 610-287-9804 and our pest experts will talk you through your pest problem and discuss how we can help you remove them from your school or university. Give us a call today and get professional care, gain peace of mind, and SEE lasting results.

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