Homeowners, it’s time to get real about some of the occasional invaders that you See scampering across the kitchen floor, or checking out your basement, garage or shed.

That centipede, earwig or house cricket looks totally harmless—and believe us when we say that it generally is—but one occasional critter is rarely the big picture. What you don’t See behind the scenes are all the rest of the pests that follow that single one, and end up destroying some of the foundational elements of the structures on your property.

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We treat indoors and outdoors for the following:

1. Camel Crickets
2. Centipedes
3. Clover Mites
4. Earwigs
5. House Crickets
6. Ground Beetles
7. Millipedes
8. Pill/Sow Bugs
9. Springtails

Because we find occasional invaders in all kinds of places, we make sure that our approach is safe for people, pets and all the places inside and outside the home. Mother Nature need not fear the See Pest Control truck when it pulls up.

To help you See what we mean, here are three of our most popular residential occasional invader control focuses and how we deal with each.

1. Centipede Control

While most small centipedes cannot penetrate human skin with their bite, larger varieties can bite so hard that it feels almost like a bee sting. Centipedes leave behind no obvious signs of habitation other than the sighting itself and being so fast on their many feet only makes them harder to spot. What’s the problem with these Seemingly peaceful pests? They signify that you probably have a large population of another type of critter. That’s why the first thing we try to do is to eliminate their food source—other insects.

2. Millipede Control

Millipedes love the damp, dark cellars and corners of your home; all the places you rarely check are perfect for millipedes to take over. Around fall, they start to Seek out these spaces to call home for the winter, but if you don’t want them there it’s time to call the experts.

3. Earwig Control

Earwigs won’t burrow into your ears as you sleep but they are there to warn you that more bugs are lying in wait around your home; otherwise, the earwigs wouldn’t be there. Of the more than twenty species around the United States, many of them will bite if handled and they let off a pheromone (scent created by hormones) that helps other earwigs gather in the same area. Earwigs are active mostly at night, which is why you want to take care of them as soon as they appear; you never know how many are living behind your walls or beneath your floor once you See the first one.

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Occasional Invader Species

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Camel Cricket

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Clover Mite

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European Earwig

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Ground Beetle

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House Centipede

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House Cricket

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