Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys) Identification

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is a relatively new insect pest to the Eastern states. It was accidentally introduced to the United States in Allentown, PA during the mid-to-late nineties. This insect is native to locations in China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Not only is this insect a nuisance in residential and commercial locations, it is also being monitored as a possible threat in agricultural areas. The Stink Bug is an overwintering insect.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

Common Name: Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys)

What do they look like? Adult Stink Bugs are approximately ½ inch long. Coloring is normally brown with shades of copper and bluish tints. Their antennae are striped with white and brown segments.

When do they commonly infest? The Stink Bug is found outdoors during the spring, summer and fall. As temperatures start to cool in fall, it will move indoors to overwinter. The Stink Bug can cause infestation problems any time of year—indoors or outdoors.

Where are they commonly found? Common outdoor locations for the Stink Bug include fruit-bearing trees and vegetable crops such as soybeans. They have also been found in areas of ornamental plants and landscaping.

Who commonly gets infested? During the winter months, Stink Bugs will move into residential and commercial structures, such as:

• Residential homes
• Multi-family structures
• Kennels or farms
• Food processing or food service facilities
• Day care facilities
• Medical care facilities

Why are they in my home and business? Stink Bugs are insects that overwinter. They Seek the warmth of structures such as a residential home or a commercial building.

Why should I treat for them? Although the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug doesn’t bite or harm humans or animals, their presence can cause severe damage to landscaping. If they have moved into your structure, they can cause quite a stink—literally. If the Stink Bug is disturbed or squashed, it will omit a very offensive odor. Should you vacuum them up, they will also leave their unpleasant odor in the bag or canister of the vacuum. If the infestation is large enough, their odor could penetrate curtains, furniture and clothing.

How do you treat for them? Because of the damage they can cause to landscaping and agricultural areas, Brown Marmorated Stink Bug control should be performed both outdoors and indoors. Although they do not reproduce while indoors, it is best to stop the population wherever possible. Our experienced technicians use a combination of safe chemicals and inspect your structure for entry ways to help you minimize future infestations.

How much service is typically required? The amount of service required will depend on how severe the infestation is at your location. See Pest Control offers you top-quality treatments with efficient, affordable plans to ensure your Stink Bug problems will be eliminated. You will get professional care, gain peace of mind and See lasting results.

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