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Rodents are everywhere. Although they don’t like to co-habitat with humans, they will Seek out comfortable places to stay warm and find food. If your home has even the smallest of entryways, they will find it. Mice and rats can be found in places like apartments and other types of multi-family housing units, single-family homes, and farms. If your property has dog or horse kennels, you’ll probably find rodents there, too. Rodents that infest indoor and outdoor areas include:

• House Mice
• Deer Mice
• Norway Rats
• Roof or Black Rats

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Although people often believe voles and moles are the same thing, they actually are two different animals. Voles are ground-dwelling rodents which feed on bulbs and tender roots of plants. Moles are small, subterranean mammals which are considered insectivores and closely related to shrews. Neither voles and moles infest indoor areas of buildings, but they can cause damage in the lawn and landscaped areas around your home or business.

Rodent Damage

Mice and rats can access any type of building through even the smallest of openings. A mouse can contort itself to fit into a crevice or crack as small as an inch—or even smaller! The destruction that is caused from a mouse or rat infestation includes damage from urine and droppings, electrical damage from chewed wires, and chewing and gnawing of your personal belongings. Rodents enjoy a nice fuzzy sweater to curl up in as much as you do!

Health Hazards

While most damage caused by rodents can be avoided and repaired, health hazards to your family and pets are of bigger concern. Many diseases carried by mice and rodents can cause health problems including recurring asthma attacks. Diseases such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) are quite severe. Disease and sickness are spread through the rodent’s urine, feces, saliva, skin contact and bites.

Take Back Control of Your Home

Proper intervention is key for mouse and rat control. There are some preventative measures you can take to help reduce infestation, such as keeping food properly stored. Because rodents can find even the smallest hole to come in through, it’s best to have professional help in finding and pest-proofing these areas.

See Pest Control will find any entry points that rodents will use. Our experienced technicians use only the safest techniques in locating and eliminating nests inside your home. All of See Pest Control’ products and techniques are safe for your family, pets and your home.

Residential Rodent Control Services Available

When you contact See Pest Control for mouse or rat issues, you’re guaranteed prompt, excellent service from your first call to us. Our friendly customer service representatives will schedule a convenient appointment to fit your schedule. Our knowledgeable technicians are capable of the following services:

• Trapping
• Exclusion
• Deterring future infestation
• Sealing any entry points
• Vent cover installation
• Gutter cleaning and leaf guard installation

Safe, Effective and Affordable Mouse and Rat Control with Results You Can See

See Pest Control offers you the finest rodent control services at affordable prices to meet your budget. Our effective techniques are completely safe for your family and pets. Give yourself peace of mind and See lasting results by contacting us today.

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Rodent Species

  • Deer Mouse

  • House Mouse

  • Norway Rat


  • Roof Rat


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