Cluster Fly (Pollenia rudis) Identification


The Cluster Fly is an overwintering insect that can be quite a nuisance if they are in your home. They aren’t harmful to humans or other animals. Interestingly, Cluster Flies start out in a building as a nomad. After a period of time, these flies will gather together in a swarm, hence the name Cluster Flies. This particular fly is one of many that will overwinter in residential or commercial areas. Below is some common information and frequently asked questions about the Cluster Fly.

Cluster Fly Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

Common Name: Cluster Fly (Pollenia Rudis)

What do they look like? Similar appearance to the typical House Fly. Cluster Flies are grayish in color with golden hair-like follicles. They are larger than Houseflies.

Where are they commonly found? Cluster Flies are common in the Eastern states. They lay their eggs in the soil, and remain outside until the fall season when temperatures start to cool. Although they will Seek refuge under dead bark and hedgerows, if they are able to access structures, they will.

Who commonly gets infested? Some places Cluster Flies can be found are:

• Residential homes
• Kennels or stables
• Multi-family complexes
• Daycare or nursing facilities
• Food processing and service facilities
• Restaurants

As stated above, these flies are not harmful to humans, but are definitely a nuisance if they have gained access to a structure.

Why are they in my home and business? The main reason Cluster Flies are found in residential or commercial buildings is they are Seeking warmth for the winter months.

When do they commonly infest? Cluster Flies infest buildings in the fall but are noticed during warm periods in winter or spring.

Why Should I Treat For Them? Although they don’t cause structural damage, Cluster Flies can leave fecal stains on materials where they are hibernating. They will gather in great quantities near windows, in crevices, or on any other available space until the warmer weather comes again. At that time, they will all emerge, basically at the same time.

How Are They Treated? If Cluster Flies have entered a structure, it is recommended that they are fully treated by a professional. See Pest Control has experienced technicians that are knowledgeable about where Cluster Flies can gain access to your home or business. Any chemical treatments used are completely safe to your family and your pets.

How much service is typically required? Treatment should be continued until there is no evidence of an indoor infestation. Once the Cluster Flies have been safely removed and the infestation has been stopped through home maintenance, it may be suggested to continue treatment in surrounding landscape. This will depend on the severity of the infestation.

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