Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus) Identification Page

Pest Common and Scientific/Latin Name: Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus)

Who commonly gets infested? The Norway rat is a voracious scavenger and can be found in almost any setting with an established food source. Residential homes, businesses, carnivals/fairs, day cares, restaurants, grocery stores, dairy farms, food processing factories, and hotels/motels are particularly vulnerable.

What do they look like? Norway rat identification is simple. Norway rats are brown with scattered black hair on a long, heavy body. Their muzzles are shorter than other rats, and the underside appears white or gray. The tail and ears have a scaly appearance.

When do they commonly infest? They are opportunistic feeders and are a common sight in garbage piles at carnivals or fairs in the summer. During the colder months, they will search for warmer environments, often your home or business.

Where are they commonly found? They can be found almost anywhere, from the crawl space under residential homes to garbage dumpsters in apartment complexes. Those who live in the country will find them burrowed into woodpiles and in holes in the soil itself. Rat droppings can be found scattered along the paths they follow.

Why are they in my home or business? Norway rats stay where they can find a food and water source. They can gnaw through wood, metal or even concrete to enter a residence and will take advantage of moist environments and trash piles.

Why should I treat for them? Norway rats have very strong, sharp teeth and can cause damage to homes by chewing through most anything that stands between them and a source of food, including plastic pipes, wood and even metal. Rat droppings and Norway rats carry diseases including jaundice, plague, cowpox, trichinosis, and salmonellosis, and they can introduce fleas into a home.

How do you treat for them? Norway rat control involves the use of environmentally sustainable products that are safe for use around people and pets. See Pest Control will utilize industry-leading techniques to treat an infestation and then educate clients on things they can do to avoid future problems, such as sealing the home, storing food in airtight containers and getting rid of moisture under the home.

How much service is typically required?

See Pest Control uses targeted, prescriptive treatments that could require only one treatment or a series of treatments. How much service is required often depends on the severity of the initial infestation. Rest assured that See Pest Control professionals will not quit until the Norway rat population is eradicated. To schedule a Norway rat control appointment, call us today at 610-287-9804. Get professional care, gain peace of mind, and See lasting results.

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