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The Fall season brings about migration for many — people, animals, birds and even some insects. But there are some living organisms that don’t migrate. These organisms are insects that take more than one-year to fully develop. Insects that fall under this category include:

Asian Lady Beetle

Boxelder Bug

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Western Conifer Seed Bug

Elm Leaf Beetle

Cluster Fly


All of these bugs are known as “over-wintering” insects. Instead of heading South for the winter, they’d rather take up residence in your home!

What Exactly is “Over-Wintering”?

As temperatures start to cool during the Fall season, certain insects will Seek the warmth of your home for hibernation. This type of insect hibernation is called “diapause,” which means that whatever growth phase the insect is in halts during the colder months. As insects start to prepare for diapause, they Seek warmth in the walls of your home. They are most commonly found in walls that get the most sun and stay warm during the winter months.

Insects can go through the diapause phase several times during the colder months if temperatures rise and fall. When the temperatures rise, they’ll become active and search for food in your home until it becomes cold again.

Prevent Fall Insect Infestation and Over-Wintering in Your Home

If you suspect that you have insects over-wintering in your home, you should Seek professional help to resolve the issue. These insects go into the diapause process regardless of where they are in their life-cycle. You may have larvae, pupae, and full-grown insects within the walls of your home. Should these insects die in the walls, they can bring about other insect infestations or even problems with rodents. It’s important to treat the problem thoroughly.

Effective, Affordable Pest Control with Results You Can See

See Pest Control will eliminate any over-wintering pest infestations you have safely and affordably. Our experienced technicians ensure your peace of mind for your family’s safety by using only the safest techniques and chemicals to eliminate the infestation and prevent any future ones. We’re proud to back our services with 40 years of experience. Get professional care, gain peace of mind, and See lasting results. Contact us today at 610-287-9804.

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