Kudzu Bug (Megacopta cribraria) Identification


The Kudzu Bug is a type of shield bug that’s native to Asian countries. It is also known as the Kudzu beetle, lablab bug, globular stink bug and bean plataspid. In its native area, it is a common agricultural pest commonly found in legumes. It has since traveled globally and, while harmless, the Kudzu Bug is a pest that requires treatment to be properly removed from your home or business. Quite commonly, Kudzu Bugs are mistaken for average beetles.

Kudzu Bug Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

Common Name: Kudzu Bug (Megacopta cribraria)

Who commonly gets infested? Kudzu Bugs infect any building that Seems warmer than the outdoors. During the fall months, Kudzu Bugs will move into residential and commercial structures, such as:

• Residential homes
• Multi-family structures
• Kennels or farms
• Food processing or food service facilities
• Day care facilities
• Medical care facilities

To ensure proper Kudzu Bug identification and treatment, you should Seek the help of a pest professional.

What do they look like? Kudzu Bugs have a semi-membranous wing and, perhaps what they are most known for, is their sucking mouth. They range in size from four to six millimeters in length when they are adults. Their color ranges from a dirty, mottled green to a brown or tan color. The best way to distinguish Kudzu Bugs from a beetle is by looking at their mouth. Kudzu bugs feature a beak-like sucking mouthpart compared to the chewing style mouth of a beetle.

When Do They Commonly Infest? Kudzu Bugs tend to be present throughout the year. However, they are nearly never Seen during the summer months when temperatures are high. When temperatures drop, the bugs begin to become more present and can create large infestations that are hard to miss.

Where Are They Commonly Found? During the winter and fall months when temperatures are colder, Kudzu Bugs tend to move towards areas of buildings with sun exposure. They are found in voids on buildings or in gaps between concrete walkways or patios and homes. They do enter the home and, when they overwinter indoors, they do not feed or reproduce during that time.

Why Are They in My Home or Business? Kudzu Bugs tend to move indoors because they are Seeking heat. Whenever the temperature outdoors warms up, though, you’ll See them migrate back outside. This generally happens during the spring months.

Why Should I Treat for Them? The key reason to work with a professional to remove Kudzu Bugs from your home or business is because they are generally in large groups, sometimes thousands. It is possible for you to See them and, when they are in larger groups, they can produce a strong odor. Removing them is important for health reasons as well.

How Much Service Is Typically Required? Treatment of Kudzu Bugs depends on the size and location of the infestation. We also effective preventative measures to stop infestation from occurring and to gain Kudzu Bug control.

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