Let any of the top three retail-killing pests—those disgusting bedbugs, mice and cockroaches, into your store and you could be in for an infestation. Not only do they give patrons the creeps but they are wholly destructive to merchandise and in some cases could end up going home with one of your customers.

Don’t let a single sighting of bedbugs, mice, or cockroaches go by without further inspection and treatment. Just one of these pests is an indicator that there are more, sometimes many more, to come. Call SEE Pest Control at 610-287-9804 day or night and we’ll help to make sure that the first sighting was your last.

Read on for more info on this trifecta of retail pests and what you can be doing before your SEE Pest Control technician arrives.

Bedbugs in retail stores

Bedbugs typically appear in retail stores because people enter with bed bugs hitchhiking on their personal belongings. They can come in on purses, backpacks, clothing items and even shoes. At particular risk are stores in low income areas or those who deal in second-hand items. However, as we have seen in infestations in Philadelphia, bedbugs are not biased against mid- and upper income patrons.

Once inside, bedbugs love to inhabit employee locker rooms, dressing rooms, returned merchandise areas, clothing racks, and any upholstered furniture, bedding or rugs. Instances of customers introducing bugs is a rare occurrence but still a regular occurrence. No matter how they get into your store, you need a bedbug prevention and response plan from SEE Pest Control if you’re going to counter both real and perceived bedbug issues.

Mice in retail stores

Once fall rolls around, mice start looking for a warm place to spend the winter; retail spaces offer that plus regular food supplies. Food shops and restaurants seem like natural homes for these tiny critters, but just about any retail space can support an infestation.

Cleaning out possible food sources and making sure that the store is swept and mopped at night is a start but there are far more measures involved in keeping a retail store safe from mice.

• Trim weeds and bushes touching the building, mice especially love ivy
• Seal openings in and around the building with steel or copper wool
• Minimize clutter in and around the building
• Inspect for possible fleas that sometimes infest with rodents

Mice can be destructive, chewing holes in paper or wood containers to get to food inside. What do you think just a couple mice might do to your stock room? Get mice before they start multiplying by filling in this convenient form and telling us when one of our SEE Pest Control pest experts should call you.

Cockroaches in retail stores

The three most common cockroach species we find in retail businesses are the German, American and Oriental roach species. All three are brown and although they have wings they are found scurrying along the ground or flat surfaces.

Besides looking for live insects, we also look for black, brown droppings, egg cases or skins, damage done to wood, leather and books, and the musty smell that occurs when colonies have been established for a while.

Then we use targeted treatments that are friendly to people, pets and the environment to get rid of the infestation and all possible unhatched eggs. We also ask that our clients engage in some of these roach-ridding prevention tactics:

One of the most effective ways of controlling a cockroach infestation is to eliminate access to food and water:

• Do not leave stagnant liquids in sinks or mop buckets
• Store food in air-tight containers
• Clean and store used dishes and utensils immediately
• Clean all food and drink spillage immediately
• Clean under refrigerators and stoves regularly
• Keep as much of your refuse stored outdoors
• Remove pet food at night
• Prevent grease build-up

Your place of business is your livelihood and should be kept so with a pest control team with 40 years of combined pest control and lawn care under their belt. It’s an amazing thing when you get results you can SEE. So, call SEE Pest Control at 610-287-9804 or toll free (888) 287-9805 to get a free over-the-phone consultation. We are available by email, too!

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