Business owners need to be proactive about protecting their buildings from pest infestations. Pest control in grocery stores is a complex process and one that requires a great deal of time and attention to detail. When business owners and pest control professionals work together, it is possible to gain comprehensive control over pests and reduce the risk of complications. However, pest control needs to be a sustained effort. When you work with our team, you don’t have to worry about rodents, cockroaches or any other pests in grocery stores shuttering your business. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Which Types of Businesses Need Pest Control Solutions?

All types of food establishments and retail locations need a comprehensive pest control solution. Our pest management services provide a comprehensive and customized pest treatment plan to address the unique needs of your location. We recommend creating such a customized plan with us today if you own or operate any type of food establishment, including, but not limited to:

• Supermarkets and Grocery Stores
• Organic Food Stores
• Convenience Stores
• Farmers Markets
• Pet Food Stores

No matter what type of food retail business you operate, having a comprehensive pest management process in place is a must. Our commercial pest control services are designed to help minimize risks to your location and preserve the reputation of your business.

What Types of Pests Are a Risk to Your Business?

A wide range of pests can infest supermarkets, grocery stores, and other food retail businesses. Consider the risks. There are many access points. People, products, and deliveries are coming into and out of your location frequently. And, there is a strong source of food and moisture present that attracts pests. More so, the conditions allow for pests to easily hide out of site. Some common types of pests found in supermarkets and other food retail businesses include:

• Flies
• Cockroaches
• Ants
• Rodents such as mice and rats
• Birds

Even if you’ve tried over-the-counter treatments or spot control of pests, you probably know that the treatments are only effective for a short time. This is very common. Our professional pest services are more comprehensive for longer, more effective results.

What You Can Expect from Our Team

Cockroaches in grocery store buildings is devastating for the business. It can destroy your company’s reputation, not to mention put the health of your customers at risk. What’s more, a large infestation could mean the loss of your inventory and the threat of liability. You can overcome these problems with the help of our trusted and experienced commercial pest control team.

To begin, we will provide you with a comprehensive, multipoint inspection. With our combined 40 years of experience, we’ll create an effective treatment plan that addresses any potential risks. Our team understands local health department requirements and inspection requirements, so we’ll ensure that your business complies. After the initial treatment, we’ll create a pest prevention and control solution that continues to work for the long term.

Treating pests in food retail facilities like supermarkets, grocery stores and convenience stores is an ongoing effort. The good news is we’re passionate about providing you with extensive care and effective treatment. You can depend on us to offer safe solutions and industry-leading pest control that’s effective in the short term and reliable in the long term. Protect your business, your reputation, and your customers by calling us at 610-287-9804 or email us about pest control in supermarkets, grocery stores and other food retail establishments.

  • Deer Mouse


  • Brown-Banded Cockroach


  • Drain Flies


  • Big Headed Ant


  • Rock Pigeon