Boxelder Bug (Boisea trivittas) Identification


While any type of bug can be problematic, the Boxelder bug can be especially troublesome. Not only will they infest your garden, but they are over-wintering insects. Boxelder bug control is crucial for both your landscaping and your home. Here are some interesting facts about Boxelders and controlling them:

Boxelder Bug Facts and Frequently Asked Questions:

Common Name: Boxelder Bug (Boisea trivittas)

What do they look like?: Boxelders are small, oval-shaped insects. They grow to a maximum of ½-inch. Their coloring is mainly black, with orange or red markings along their backs. Their antennae are quite long.

Where are they commonly found?: During the warmer months, they are found in landscaped areas. They are attracted to Boxelder, Ash, Maple, and a variety of fruit trees. In the fall and early winter months, the Boxelder will move into building structures to over-winter or hibernate.

When do they commonly infest?: Because the Boxelder can be a problem both indoors or outdoors, their infestation time frame is year-round. The fall and spring months are when Boxelder bugs primarily infest homes and other buildings. Some people refer to Boxelder bugs as “Halloween bugs” because most people notice their activity around Halloween.

Who commonly gets infested?: Boxelder infestation is found in residential or commercial buildings. These can include:

• Residential homes
• Multi-family dwellings
• Farms and kennels
• Day care or health care facilities
• Food processing or service locations
• Museums
• Governmental office locations

Boxelder infestation can occur in any type of structure.

Why are they in my home and business?

If you are experiencing an outside infestation, it is due to the type of landscaping in your area. Boxelder Bugs are attracted to certain tree types and, unfortunately, the bugs might be coming from a tree up to two miles away! Boxelder Bugs tend to congregate on or near the sunniest or warmest side of homes and other buildings before infesting the interior. If they have infested your home or commercial building, they have found tiny openings to get in through. This could be a hole in a screen, or an unsealed crevice on the building itself.

Why should I treat for them?

Boxelders will cause major damage to landscaping around residential and commercial buildings. When they enter a building, they aren’t known for damaging structures. The main concern when they enter a structure is that they can be present in numbers ranging in the 1000s. It should be noted that this type of bug doesn’t reproduce in the structures it infests. Boxelders aren’t known to bite humans or animals, but their infestation can cause odors on draperies, linens and other surfaces from their fecal matter. When the Boxelder bug is crushed, it omits a foul-smelling odor.

How much service is typically required?

Once Boxelders have invaded your home, complete service is recommended. This type of insect is very difficult to remove from buildings once it gains access. Insecticides and maintenance/repair of any openings in a structure must be used.

Boxelder Bug infestations can be difficult to deal with when they occur. It is best to Seek professional help when dealing with this type of insect. See Pest Control will resolve both indoor and outdoor issues with Boxelder Bugs. With friendly, prompt service, our experienced technicians will ensure you get professional care, gain peace of mind and See lasting results. For more information on Boxelder Bugs or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 610-287-9804.

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