Apartments and multi-family housing complexes are all prone to pests such as ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, wasps, mice and rats. So many humans in one place means endless supplies of food and warmth between unit walls and floors. Keep on top of annoying apartment-dwelling critters by calling the experts at See Pest Control.

Bed bugs, cockroaches, and mice problems are not only difficult to address but they also carry a stigma. No one wants to think that their bed bug, roach, or rodent problem is due to their lifestyle or home’s cleanliness. The good news is that a house doesn’t have to be dirty to make a good home for any of these creatures. They just want a warm, comfortable and mostly dark place to live and breed, away from the chaos outside. Cockroaches in particular don’t need much to eat to sustain and grow their populations.

That’s why our worry-free service means we are 100% compassionate. There’s nothing we haven’t Seen and your pest problem—no matter how big, or how many pest issues we find—is never untreatable. Call See at 610-287-9804 and enjoy superior customer service in four dimensions:

1. We do what we say
2. Trusted since 2004 with 40 years of combined experience controlling the pests of Southeastern PA, Southern NJ, and Northern DE
3. Uniformed technicians so you know who is at your home
4. Trained professional technicians utilizing industry-leading techniques and methods

At See Pest Control, we know that it’s an amazing combination of our products—all people, pet and earth friendly—and the efforts of our clients that makes for a lasting and sustainable pest control solution.

Bed bugs in apartment complexes

Bed bugs can come into your apartment from almost anywhere—your office, your local grocery store, the hotel where you stayed, or the airplane you flew on. They’re great at hiding and can hitch a ride on just about anything—your purse, yoga mat, computer bag, or sleeping bag for starters. Once indoors, they will keep multiplying unless you call an experienced team like See Pest Control. Here are some of our tips for keeping them at bay until we arrive.

• De-clutter your home
• Wash and dry all linens on the hot setting
• Inspect all second-hand furniture, especially inside the folds, before bringing them inside the home
• Inspect your home after sleepovers, moving, and vacations

How to get rid of cockroaches in apartments

Cockroaches are tricky and everyone Seems to have a preferred method to keep them at bay, but we’re in the business of keeping them out for good. Skip the store bought cockroach remedies. In our experience, they are just band-aid solutions, at best, that make it Seem like you’re in control for a short period of time. Cockroaches hide in places you would never know to look and their eggs resist insecticides; without a roach control pro, you’re losing an unfair battle.

How to get rid of mice in apartment suites

Mice can enter holes as small as pencil erasers, making the process of securing all the possible entryways time-consuming and extremely difficult. Thankfully, we have the latest technology on our side to help. Here are 4 things we suggest to clients as we treat their apartment for mice:

• Find and fill all visible entryways with steel or copper wool
• Secure all human food in air tight containers, or move food to the fridge
• Keep the oven, counters, floors and cupboards spotless
• Seal areas around pipes, gas lines and dryer vents
• Minimize clutter

Call our office at 610-287-9804 to speak to one of our pest control experts. You can text us at 215-392-6871. Or, use our convenient online form to let us know that we should call you. Let See Pest Control make your life easier!

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