Asian Lady Beetle (Harmonia axyridis) Identification


If any insect were to be considered pretty, it would be the Asian Lady Beetle. Jewelry and art have been fashioned around it, and some even consider it to be a good luck symbol. This lovely little bug even helps control other insects. But all is not as well as it Seems. The Asian Lady Beetle, also known as the Ladybug, can wreak havoc whenever it moves indoors.

Asian Lady Beetle Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

Common Name: Asian Lady Beetle, Ladybug (Harmonia axyridis)

What do they look like?
Various shades of orange or yellow with black dots on its wings. Underbelly is dark brown or black. The Asian Lady Beetle is slightly larger than the native Asian Lady Beetle. Both are oval-shaped.

Who commonly gets infested? Since the Asian Lady Beetle is beneficial in controlling outside insects such as aphids, the main areas of concern are inside residential or commercial buildings. Structures that can be infested include:

• Residential homes and multi-family buildings
• Farms, kennels, and stables
• Retail stores
• Office buildings
• Healthcare facilities
• Food processing or service facilities

Where are they commonly found? The Asian Lady beetle is found in common landscaping foliage, ornamental plants, and in wheat and cotton.

When do they commonly infest?
Asian Lady Beetles move indoors in the fall of the year. Infestation numbers can be large. This is due to the fact that once a suitable location is found by “scouts,” a chemical called pheromone is released from their system to attract other beetles to the same location.

Why are they in my home and business? Asian Lady Beetles overwinter in structures. They do not reproduce while overwintering.

Why should I treat for them? Treatment is vital for several reasons. The Asian Lady Beetles may cause allergies to some people through their excretion. If threatened or disturbed, the Asian Lady Beetle may bite. They don’t cause structural damage, although they do emit an odor when frightened or crushed.

How do you treat for them? See Pest Control uses only top-quality, safe chemicals and methods in Asian Lady Beetle control. Our experienced technicians will completely treat the infestation and also make sure all entrance ways for insects are identified and repaired.

How much service is typically required? The amount of service depends on the severity of the Asian Lady Beetle infestation. After an on-site evaluation, you can be sure you’ll receive the most efficient, affordable service.

See Pest Control guarantees you top-quality service for any type of pest infestation in your residential or commercial location. Your family and pets are safe with our services. You get professional care, gain peace of mind and See lasting results. For more information on the Asian Lady Beetle or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 610-287-9804.

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