Termites damage around 600,000 American homes each year and very few areas of the country are immune. Fortunately, these destructive pests are slow eaters and severe damage can be avoided if an infestation is detected early.

Signs that termites are living in your home

There are several tell-tale signs that you have a termite problem in your home. Among these are:
• Mud tubes along the base of your home. Termites thrive in a moist environment and will construct traveling tubes made of mud to keep them out of the direct sun.
• Hollowed out sections of wood with rotten appearance.
• Discarded wings around the perimeter of your home.

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Benefits of hiring a professional termite control team

Getting rid of termites in your home is not an ideal DIY project. It requires skill and specialized equipment to make sure that you eliminate the entire colony.

Hiring a professional pest control is a safe and efficient way to get rid of a termite problem. Our skilled and well-trained technicians have the equipment and the know-how necessary to eradicate the entire termite colony while keeping your kids and pets safe.

We perform liquid, soil termite treatments using Termidor HE and offer a termite baiting station using Advance Termite Baiting System. That keeps the treatment away from your living spaces.

The last thing you want is to see signs of termites three or six months after a termite treatment. Our methods are so effective that we offer a warranty on our services.

We think you’ll be surprised at how affordable our termite treatments are.

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Termite Species

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Winged Termite

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