Your clean, safe and productive workspace looks great but all of those characteristics can be taken down in one fell swoop with a case of bed bugs, cockroaches or mice. If you see one, you can be sure that there are many more to come.

These three pests are notorious breeders and vectors of disease and parasites. Are you going to leave your office building up to chance like that? Or, are you going to call the experts at SEE Pest Control to take care of your office bed bug, roach or mouse problem right away?

Set an example, as a responsible property manager, by hiring the people that will finish pests off the first time with safe and reliable services that leave the entire building more pest-free than when we arrived.

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When you call SEE Pest Control, you get:
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• Industry-leading technologies and techniques
• Proven results from 40 years of combined experience
• Services to fit many budgets
• We do what we say
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Bed bugs in office

We start with a thorough inspection of the entire office building to determine just how far the bedbugs have infested the entire space. Bed bugs are always ahead of humans by a few steps because as soon as you’ve seen evidence of one you can be sure that many eggs have already been laid.

We look for all the signs:

• Live or dead bed bugs
• Shed bed bug skin
• Fecal material and staining
• Tiny clusters of cream-colored eggs

Mice in office

Mice are tricky for their own reasons. Not only do they feed on employee’s food left behind in lunch rooms, in trash cans and meeting rooms but they find it very warm and cozy between the walls. Mice can get into cracks, holes and crevices as small as an eraser end, so all entryways must be sealed with steel or copper wool or concrete. That includes open areas around pipes, gas lines and vents.

DIY extermination techniques vary from traps to baits but to get lasting results, a professional in the specialty of rodent extermination has to be called. Even store-bought traps require an intimate knowledge of mouse habits and behavior to use them effectively.

The most efficient mouse extermination methods are those employed by the trained pros at SEE Pest Control.

Cockroaches in office

Cockroaches love office spaces because lots of people mean lots of food somewhere—they don’t need much human food to live for years—and plenty of warm, dark places to inhabit and procreate.
Because roaches are better at hiding than people are at finding them, we use the latest technology to detect the primary areas of activity and treat all possible colony areas too. Using some tech tools allows us to be precise in our treatments, although you are guaranteed that we use only people, pet and environment-safe products for cockroach control.

Call us at 610-287-9804 or use our convenient Contact Us form to tell us all about your office complex bed bug, cockroach or mouse problem and the best time to reach you.

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