Roof Rat (Rattus rattus) Identification Page


Roof rats are rodents that look for elevated areas to nest in. They are a community-based rodent and are present in large numbers. This rodent is smaller than a Norway Rat. If you have identified that Roof Rats are in your area, you most probably will find Norway Rats nearby.

Rats cause a number of health concerns for you and your family. They are also very destructive to buildings and landscaping surrounding them. We’ve listed some common information regarding the Roof Rat for you here:

Roof Rat Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

Common/Scientific Name: Roof Rat, Black Rat, Ship Rat. (Rattus rattus)

General Appearance: On average, an adult Roof Rat is 6-8″ long, with its tail being an additional 6-8″ in length. Coloring is dark brown or black, with a lighter-colored underbelly. Roof Rats are smaller than Norway Rats.

Common Habitat: Outdoor habitats include trees and tall shrubs. Indoor habitats include attics, cabinets, and walls.

Common Infestation Areas: Residential and commercial buildings that experience Roof Rat infestation include:

  • Single family homes
  • Multi-family buildings
  • Food service or processing facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Fairgrounds or amusement park areas
  • Farms, kennels, and stables

Why are they in my home or business? Roof Rats move into structures to find food and nesting opportunities. This can occur year-round.

Why should I treat for them? Treatment for Roof Rats is vital. They carry a variety of diseases including Rat-Bite Fever and Trichinosis. Because they contaminate food with their urine and feces, they can also cause cases of food poisoning.

How do you treat for them? Treatment for Roof Rats is done with complete removal in infested areas. If necessary, rodenticides are used. Roof rat control is done by identifying where the rodent is gaining access to your structure and repairing these entrances.

How much service is typically required? The amount of service for rodents should be complete removal and maintenance to avoid further infestations.

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