At See Pest & Lawn Solutions, we believe you deserve to get professional care, gain peace of mind, and See lasting results. We’re committed to providing the highest quality of service for the people and pets in your family while also doing our part to ensure we provide a service that is sustainable to the environment. We’re not like every other company, though.

Communication Matters

Our company was started in 2004 because our founder believed there was a better, safer, and more transparent approach to providing pest control services. Simply, we knew there was a better way to communicate with our customers. That’s why we’re committed to explaining the how, what, where, and why of our pest control treatments. That’s important to us because we want you to feel empowered to maintain your pest control and lawn care needs.

A key component of that open communication is providing you with easy ways to get in touch with us when you need us. You can call the office at 610-287-9804, email, text us at 215-392-6871, or use our website,, to gain the information and guidance you need. You can also reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our office is staffed during normal business hours. We also have a call center so you can reach us on the weekends, holidays, or even for late-night emergency needs.

Why We Expanded into Lawn Care

We expanded our pest control company because of the similarity of the applications. Many of our customers requested our services in this area knowing our commitment to providing our customers with exceptional service.

A Dedication to Treating You Like Real Family

Why do we provide the type and quality of service we do? Our founder has children and pets. We use the very same products and maintenance services at our homes as we do at the homes and businesses of our clients. We believe in the safety of our pest control treatments and lawn care applications. We wouldn’t expose your children or pets to applications we would not place around our own families. We would not use pesticides or other products that were unsafe to our families and, therefore, we always do the same at your home or business.

We’re dedicated to building relationships with our customers through earning trust, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to honesty, and communicating with you in a friendly and clear way. At the same time, we provide only the very best level of pest control, lawn care, and landscape care. We truly love pest control and lawn care. That passion and excitement about our specialty makes us the best provider for the type of service you need.

Get to Know How We Can Help You

We do what we say. We’ve been a trusted, local company since 2004 with over 40 years of combined experience in the industry. Our uniformed technicians are always available to you and we only offer trained professional technicians who utilize industry-leading techniques, equipment and technology.

Let’s talk about your landscaping, lawn care, and pest control needs today. Whether you are struggling with bedbugs, spiders or ants, want to have a beautiful, weed-free lawn, or want to protect your home from termites or stinging insects, we are here to help you every step of the way with exceptional service. Call 610-287-9804 or email us to speak with the experts available anytime day or night.

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