Stinging insects are hazardous to the integrity of a property and to the health of everyone that lives there. Carpenter bees, for example, have been known to cause damage to wooden structures around residential homes, cottages, and industrial buildings. Safe, targeted, and prescriptive treatments are sometimes the only way to control these insects, and the experts at See Pest Control are ready to keep your home and family safe from all kinds of stinging insects.

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While you, the home or business owner, may remove a wasp, bee or hornet nest yourself, we strongly advise against it. See Pest Control has the proper supplies and safety equipment to safely and effectively remove the nest, and we can minimize the danger to you or your family.

Get professional care, gain peace of mind, and See lasting results.

Wasp Control & Bee Control

The closer a wasp or bee nest is to your home, garage, or building, the sooner you need to call an expert for a full inspection and removal. Our wasp control and bee control involves treating hanging nests and void nests that appear in walls, in the ground, or in tree cavities.

We treat for:
1. Eastern Yellowjackets
2. German Yellowjackets
3. Mud Daubers
4. Paper Wasps
5. Nest Removal
6. Honey Bees (Hive Removal & Relocate)

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Hornet nest removal

Hornets are a type of wasp, however they are twice as long and thick. Hornets aren’t overly aggressive but they do build massive nests that range in size from a football to a soccer ball in size. Hornets, like yellow jackets, are a social wasp, meaning they can coerce their entire colony to attack you if they are aggravated. And when they sting, you’ll feel the difference between hornets and their smaller cousins.

We treat for Bald-Faced Hornets and European Hornets using the latest technologies and the safest solutions possible for thorough hornet nest removal. You may find hornets in your attic, between the walls or sides of the building, and in shrubs, tree branches or tree stumps. Never try to remove a hornet nest yourself.

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Stinging Insect Species

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Eastern Yellowjacket

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European Hornet

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European Paper Wasp

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Open Pipe Mud Dauber

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Bald Faced Hornet

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Black and Yellow Mud Dauber

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Blue Mud Dauber

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Carpenter Bee

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