Rehabilitation centers, healthcare facilities, and nursing homes require a safe and pest-free space. However, this environment is very challenging for building managers to control in terms of pest management. Pest management professionals are by far the most important team to call in not only for treatment of existing pests, but also for inspections and prevention. When you call on our team, we’ll work with you one-on-one to create a specialized treatment plan for your environment, ensuring your patients always remain safe and protected.

The Importance of Pest Control in Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities

Any type of healthcare establishment like this requires a safe environment. This environment is complex, though, with numerous entrances, hidden spaces, and people moving in and out of it. This makes containing risk difficult to do. Nevertheless, this environment needs to be as sterile as possible to protect patients and to ensure a low risk of infection and disease. All types of facilities require an ongoing and dedicated approach to pest treatment including bed bugs in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Locations such as the following need constant attention:

• Assisted Living Communities
• Nursing Homes
• Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers
• Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation Centers and more

What Pests Are a Threat in These Facilities?

It’s common to hear about bed bugs in rehabilitation centers and nursing homes, but the type and number of pests that find a way into these locations are much more extensive. Common pests found in nursing homes and long-term facilities include:

• Flies
• Bed bugs
• Cockroaches
• Ants
• Over-wintering pests such as stink bugs, boxelder bugs, cluster flies, Asian lady beetles
• Rodents including rats and mice
• Birds

Finding the right approach to treatment is a complex process best left to professionals with extensive experience treating these types of infestations and the risks involved. Our team will specialize treatment to meet the risks in your establishment or most likely to be impacting your establishment.

Creating the Ideal Pest Control Solution for Your Facility

We take an aggressive, but safe approach for all pest control in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and other healthcare locations. We are very conscious of the fact that these locations cannot be exposed to pesticides or odors. And, we understand that they are staffed and often very busy 24 hours a day. Nevertheless, we have the resources to create a safe but highly effective approach to treating pests in these environments. We do so in a way to ensure proper care to each one of your patients and to your staff as well.

How to Get Pest Control Services in Your Facility

When it comes down to it, you don’t want to think twice about the complexities of managing pest control in your nursing home or another facility. We do our best to ensure that isn’t necessary. We’ll discuss with you the options available, what we plan to do, and what you can expect from treatment. We offer inspections and consultations as well as comprehensive treatment and prevention services for all types of pests that commonly infest these areas.

Call 610-287-9804 or email our team to learn more about the specialized services we’ve offered to the community reliably since 2004.

  • Vinegar Fly


  • Bed Bugs


  • German Cockroach



  • Odorous House Ant



  • Cluster Fly



  • Norway Rat



  • Gray Squirrel



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