There is no doubt the presence of rodents, cockroaches, or even flies in a restaurant establishment is bad for business. Not only are pests dangerous to customers in these locations, but they also create a liability issue, reputation of management concern, and numerous complexities in caring for the building itself. But, the environment is very suitable to pests. That’s why pest control specialists like those on our team and restaurant management need to work together to minimize risks and to prevent infestations. Treatments are available for effective restaurant pest control.

The Importance of Pest Control in Restaurants

You’ve heard about rodents in restaurant locations or cockroaches in restaurant facilities being found in food. You wouldn’t eat at these locations and no one else wants to either. Yet, the threat is real in every restaurant because it offers the ideal conditions for pests. It is warm, there are plenty of places to hide, there is a rich food source, and there’s enough moisture. When restaurant management and pest control companies work together, it is possible to ensure a safe, healthy environment for guests. The goal is to work closely as a team for sustained results.

That team should include an experienced restaurant pest control professional like ours, sanitation officials who create standards for restaurants in your area, and your janitorial team. We’ll work with you to create an effective process to protect your environment from threats. A key component of this pest management process is ensuring any method we use does not compromise the health and well-being of your guests and follows all guidelines set by your health department.

What Types of Establishments need Pest Control?

All types of food service establishments need a well-organized pest management plan. This includes locations such as:

• Restaurants
• Bars
• Brew pubs
• Delis
• Diners
• Ice cream shops
• Caterers and much more

Each location needs a customized treatment solution designed to meet the risks at that location. Our team works with you to create this type of highly effective plan.

What Are the Threats to Restaurants?

You’ve heard about many of them, but the list of pests that commonly invade locations is quite extensive. They include:

• Cockroaches
• Flies
• Ants
• Occasional invaders such as crickets, centipedes, earwigs, ground beetles, millipedes, pill and sow bugs, springtails
• Rodents including mice and rats
• Birds

Each of these pests is a threat to your establishment. Many times, they can hide unnoticed for a long time. And, if you are just noticing the presence of these pests, chances are good the infestation is already very large. Don’t waste time waiting for them to go away. Instead, allow our team to offer treatments solutions right away.

What You Can Expect from Our Restaurant Pest Control

We’re dedicated to providing you with an extensive treatment plan. Our first goal is always to provide a thorough inspection and to meet any guidelines set by management or your local health department. We’ll offer a treatment program that is safe for your food, customers, and staff. And, once the initial treatment is underway, we’ll develop a treatment and prevention plan that helps to keep your establishment protected.

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