Pests equal stress. Whether you’re dealing with bedbugs biting your legs at night, wasp nests beneath your porch, or mice scurrying through your attic, when you have pests in your home it’s nearly impossible to relax. Unfortunately, dealing with exterminators in Kutztown isn’t a picnic either. Scheduling can be difficult if not impossible, and when you finally do receive a bill, there’s a whole bunch of extra services tacked on. And the worst part? The pests return two weeks later!

If you’re looking for Kutztown pest control, you’re likely looking for a better way to do things. You want someone who will take the time to explain why the pests have infested your house, and what can be done to remove them. You’re busy, so you want the removal done on your schedule – and you definitely don’t want any extra fees tacked on to the bill.

We’re here to help.

Kutztown Pest Control

If you want to successfully keep pests from coming back to your property, you need to understand why they’re there in the first place. Our friendly, uniformed exterminators will take the time to go through your property and point out problem areas. Then, we’ll explain our plan to remove the pests with targeted, prescriptive treatments. Note that all of our products are safe for people, pets, and the environment. With our professionally maintained equipment, we can handle any kind of pest you can throw at us. This includes:

• bat, bird, and small animal removal
• no-kill honeybee removal
• spider infestations
• stinging insects
• termites
• and anything else that might bother you!

We can also help with gutter cleaning, vent cover installation, and weather strip replacing – all of which are key to keeping pests out of your home.

Kutztown Lawn Care and Landscaping

When our exterminators are talking to you about your pest problem, it’s likely they’ll mention your lawn. That’s because how you treat your lawn has a major impact on how much pests love your home. For example, pests love trees and shrubs. If these areas aren’t treated properly, certain pests will turn these into their own home – and they may expand into yours!

We offer seasonal lawn care treatment plans. We’ll fertilize your grass, provide weed control, repair and renovate any trouble areas, and treat your property for lawn insect control, like grubs. We’ll stop pests before they become a problem.

Our Commitment

In Kutztown, we see it as our duty to protect you and your family from pests. Not only do we want to get the pests out, we want to ensure a structure is in place to keep them out. This means teaching you about the best practices for avoiding pests and only using treatment methods that have been proven to work. We also promise to show up on time and to do what we say we will.

Our company was founded in 2004 and built on a foundation of transparency: we want you to know exactly what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We make contacting us easy, and have built trust by being honest, friendly, and providing quality pest control, lawn care and landscape care.

Ready to Get Rid of Pests?

We provide services for all budgets. Feel free to contact us if you want to schedule a treatment or if you have any questions. We are happy to help. Reach us by phone at 610-287-9804 or by text at 215-392-6871, or fill out our Contact Us form to get a free quote. It’s time for you to get professional care, gain peace of mind, and SEE lasting results.

  • Odorous House Ant

  • Bed Bug

  • Winged Termite

  • Squirrel

  • House Centipede

  • Silverfish